EDITORIAL: Who earns how much, and why?

The law firm market is all about money – and who earns how much. For the first time we have calculated this for the entire German law firm market – for every size of law firm. In doing so, we also took into account the historical development of the data… and see that only a few types of law firms are sustainably successful. We will soon publish this in our new book: Der Kanzleimarkt in Deutschland (The Law Firm Market in Germany), published by C. H. Beck Verlag. The data will then also be made available in a benchmark app.

The data shows the following:

    1. The myth of the “individual lawyer” as the most representative type, for example: compared to the type of the salaried lawyer, is refuted; only about 10% of all lawyers are classic individual lawyers in a full-time individual law firm (about 15,000). In contrast, more than 20,000 of all lawyers are employed lawyers, mainly in one of the 150 large or about 1800 medium-sized law firms.
    2. The lawyers increasingly understand how to run their law firm economically. It is noticeable that the profits per associate are increasingly profitable even in smaller law firms.
    3. The law firm market is increasingly characterized by the growth of existing law firms, less by the entry of new competitors.


Legal Market Software – a comprehensive research for software providers of the german market

The first neutral market study on the law firm software market (version for software providers). How are software vendors in the law firm market actually preparing for the increasing demands of the digital world? We have investigated this question: Which of the vendors has adapted to how the market has changed over the past 10

Actually, nothing has changed in 2020!

Actually, nothing has changed in 2020! We just travelled less, but that was actually not so bad…. Despite Corona, we carried out our law firm consultations, including 4 face-to-face workshops with all partners. And these were our favourite projects: Helped a law firm with 20 partners increase profits by 64% in just 2 years. Helped

How can the EU Money Laundering Directive be implemented in larger law firms?

Dr. Peter Berg knows that implementing the latest EU Money Laundering Directive in law firms can sometimes be a complex undertaking. His experience is about working with a Magic Circle, defining the processes in Germany in conjuction with the UK Headquarters. German lawyers have to comply with fine-protected requirements resulting from the implementation of the

Dealing with the Corona crisis: first experiences from our consulting work

What must law firms do in a crisis? How must law firms react to the corona crisis? How do law firms remain successful despite the crisis? We answer all these questions in a nutshell!

Team culture development in law firms

Team culture is central to high performance systems such as law firms; it is the result of shared reflection on the rules of the game and understanding of differences. Partners who take the time to do so benefit in many ways.

Key figures in law firms: what do the partners need?

What key figures do law firm software manufacturers actually provide?

Frankly speaking: Brexit consequences for the law firm market. The brexit has captivated the legal profession

The brexite has captivated the legal world. Law firms present their clients with newsletter after newsletter and one checklist after another. But what about the inner workings of the law firms? What are the future relations of the EU offshoots with the English parent firm? Will we see a similar development as in the banking

Quite right: The situation of the beA is suitable for foreign shame

The beA's situation is a source of shame for others, as many of the lawyers with whom we talk about it find. It is ignored that there are almost no IT projects that run without delays etc. The fact that there is no legal basis for enabling the mailbox for all lawyers corresponds to the

In-depth: restructuring and reorganization of law firms – a new challenge in the law firm market

1 Restructuring and reorganization of law firms - a new challenge in the law firm market By Christoph H. Vaagt and Thorsten Zulauf In this series of articles, we look at the experience we have gained as consultants in the law firm market in recent times. Whereas in the past the focus was on the

Vaagt Frontal: News

You can find a selection of our lecture activities here. NIVD spring conference on 15.4.2016 in Wiesbaden: Questions about reorganisation consulting The market for insolvency administrators is currently being shaken up massively. A new project, the alignment of restructuring processes with international (i.e. above all: Anglo-Saxon) practices, is causing the Bundestag to consider whether, prior

Being well advised: A difference that is relevant

Consulting is an area that has been little researched so far. It is all the more astonishing, therefore, who feels called upon to give advice. But actually, what is the difference that is relevant? That is quite simple: We don't produce papers and powerpoints that are not implemented, but we moderate the partnerships in such

Frankly speaking: The insolvency of the insolvency administrators

Since 2014, the insolvency administrator scene has had a rather lukewarm market. The few major proceedings are often not followed by insolvency, but rather, already in the self-interest of the management, are reorganized in the self-administration or even earlier. This is a problem for an insolvency administration based on a mixed calculation of large and

Quite right: Fines for cartel proceedings included in the price?

Are fines in cartel proceedings included in the costs of influencing the market priced in by the companies from the outset? And does the legal department know about this?  This question could be asked if one reads the list of fines imposed by the European Union for breaches of competition law. The most recent example

In-depth: re-merger of law firms, or: from the umbrella brand to truly integrated law firms

Traditional law firms, organised in partnership, always organise themselves at minimum cost. This is why they are so profitable, unlike other professions. This went well as long as the competition did not behave differently. In the German market of commercial law firms, a completely different approach has been taken with the emergence of Anglo-Saxon law

Vaagt Frontal / News

Coaching for legal department heads at the Legal Revolution on 4 and 5 December 2018: The organizers of the Legal Revolution, according to their own statements of the leading platform (congress and fair) for topics around Legal Tec, which brings together law firms and heads of legal departments, have Dr. Wolf Peter Gross and Christoph

Well advised (offers)

Our consulting highlights from 2018 include: Spin-off of a consulting firm on DGVO from a law firm Reorganisation of an auditing company for the purpose of higher internal cooperation and capacity to act Tripling the profit of a medium-sized commercial law firm (Austria) Latest News All blog posts Blog Plain language Press review Events InHouse

Review Legal Tech Manuals

Competition improves business, they say: Two books on legal tech. Two books have been published by C. H. Beck-Verlag: The "Legal Tech Handbook" by Stefan Breidenbach/Florian Glatz and the book simply called "Legal Tech" by Harting/Bues/Halbleib. To publish two books on the same topic is at least courageous for a publishing house that has made

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