The company - short version

  • Consulting activity since 1997
  • Market-leading law firm consulting with over 500 consulting projects at over 200 leading law firms in continental Europe
  • Activity: We advise law firms and legal departments in important change projects in national and international environments

Based on the McKinsey 7 S model, we would describe ourselves as follows:

  1. Strategy: Focus on the most difficult change projects (pattern-breaking organizational development) in the area of strategy/culture/organization, where the law firm fails on its own
  2. Structure: Meritocracy with one owner; projects are scaled according to required skills
  3. System: Quality management based consulting, uniform methodology, project management techniques
  4. Staff: 6 senior consultants with a multidisciplinary approach: management consultant/lawyer/ in-house lawyer/managing director/social pedagogue/personnel development/organizational psychologist/analyst
  5. Skills: Uniform methodological approach (systemic consulting) with at the same time different experience backgrounds from the fields of law, social science, psychology, business administration, economics, communication, organizational development theory, PSF science
  6. Style: Elitist, intellectual, innovative, curious
  7. Shared values: appreciative, resource-oriented, reflected, ethically correct

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