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Legal departments are increasingly operating in unsafe environments. They are faced with the constant challenge of positioning themselves strategically, organizationally, in their process flows and cost-effectively in such a way that they can make a sustainable (and comprehensible) contribution to value creation. This is because the economic demands placed on companies are increasing rapidly and are reflected in the increasing speed of innovation, shorter product life cycles or the need to permanently adapt service processes. At the same time, the regulatory environment is increasing the requirements for legal compliance and risk management.

The benefit for our clients begins with the first contact. Instead of wasting valuable time of our clients with acquisition efforts, we start consulting from the very first meeting and usually bring in new perspectives that lead directly to a different view of the challenges.

In an initial meeting, we clarify the concerns and general conditions with those involved. In subsequent discussions with the most important stakeholders, all important issues are also addressed. We then reflect our view of the situation to the client and discuss different perspectives and possible solutions. On this basis, the next steps are decided jointly.

We design the consulting process in such a way that the wishes, fears and goals of our clients are understood, structured and processed together. Throughout the entire consulting process, we ensure transparency and traceability and focus on an open and clear dialogue.

After completion of the assignment, we evaluate the course of the project together with our clients and discuss how to proceed.

With many years of experience as General Counsel and Managing Director in national, international and global companies, we know the issues of the legal department from practice. In our consulting practice, we have supported well over 100 legal departments in a wide range of issues and have developed into the leading consulting firm for legal departments. We work with our clients on the central issues of strategy, structure and culture of law within the company, from medium-sized companies to large corporations.

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