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We are convinced of the important role of lawyers as organs of the administration of justice. Therefore, we make a decisive contribution to providing law firms and legal departments with organizational forms and processes that enable them to serve their clients and society in the best possible way.
Lawyers in particular have to deal with a number of ambivalences in their professional practice, especially as partners. We see it as our task to assist law firms (attorneys at law, patent attorneys, auditors, tax advisors) with the critical issues of their business activities. In most cases, strategic, organisational and cultural aspects come together.

Legal professionals are under pressure to define their role in the company and to use instruments of “legal management”. In doing so, they are under particular pressure to bring together the legally and ethically correct with the requirements of the company. We support the legal advisors in mastering the resulting need for change in such a way that they remain recognisable and active as lawyers and can make their contribution to value creation in this role.

Lawyers are important for society

We advise outstanding lawyers who are members of the world’s top business law firms or who represent companies as legal counsel.

We believe that only ethically correct and qualitatively superior legal advice serves the client and society as a whole. For this, lawyers need a working environment that makes this possible. As consultants, it is our task to help maintain or restore this environment.

For lawyers, this means being able to work in genuine partnerships at the highest level and under the best conditions. We do not think much of gangulation and management that only aims at profit optimization. But we also have to pay sufficient attention to the ambivalences of the partners called upon to manage.

For legal advisors, it means positioning themselves in the company in such a way that they can be observers and co-decision-makers at the same time, being attributed authority in order to have influence.

In this way, we see ourselves as an authority for reflection for those who want change.

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