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Attempting the impossible: Legal and compliance departments in a systemic predicament

– a provocation. This is my presentation title at Legal Live 2021: a critical review of law and compliance, seen from the perspective of systems theory…. When? on 9.11.2021, at 12:30 ! Where? at Legal Live, a virtual congress format. (in German)

How to make change happen – in Legal Tech!

The central question at Legal Tech is not whether it can potentially improve anything... but whether a specific course of action at the firm tomorrow can be different than it is today. What this means will be discussed at the IBA Law Firm Management Conference in London on November 22nd in Session Topic One, which

Law Firm Management Profitable Clients café, IBA Rome Oct. 9, 2018

Which clients do we want, and how can we make sure they are profitable? This were the key questions discussed by over 180 lawyers form around the world at our profitable clients cafe at the IBA Annual conference in Rome, which Chris Vaagt facilitated with Michael Lund, a danish lawyers practising in Brazil This event

IBA Balkan Legal Forum Vienna, June 15-16, 2018

At the 10th IBA event Christoph H. Vaagt spoke on the question of the need for change in the development of law firms. Latest News All blog posts Blog Plain language Press review Events InHouse News about us Publications Can we help? Contact us by phone or use our online form {{ vc_btn: title=Contact&color=white&size=sm&i_icon_fontawesome=fas+fa-phone-square&add_icon=true& }}

The way to the “ideal” small legal department – Economic use of the resource “law” in the company

Thursday, 5 October 2017 until Saturday, 7 October 2017

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Workshop on “Law Firm Challenges and Opportunities Café” at the IBA Annual Conference in Boston

Christoph H. Vaagt, together with David Morley, Senior Partner of Allen & Overy, chaired the event of the Law Firm Management Section of the IBA at the annual meeting in Boston, USA, which took place from 6 – 11 October 2013. They called on the key issues currently occupying the law firms.

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CICERO Biannual Meeting in Vienna

November 2014: Christoph H. Vaagt spoke at the annual meeting of the CICERO network in Vienna about marketing options for networks of law firms.

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25.09.2014 / Geneva:
6th Annual Meeting of Foreign Lawyers of the Geneva Bar Association

Lecture on the topic: “The change in the business model of law firms due to technological change.

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Business model and financing of law firms

Information of not-yet or just-new-partners of law firms about the basics of financing of law firms.

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New approach to officers meeting in Belfast on Friday, May 26, 2017

Chris Vaagt was asked to redesign the meeting of IBA managers.

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Customer event of the C.H. Beck Shop: Perspectives for law firms

Invitation of the C.H. Beck publishing house to the book presentation “Der Kanzleimarkt in Deutschland”.

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IBA Annual Congress,
Washington 18. – 23.9.2016

Christoph H. Vaagt moderated events for the Law Firm Management Section of the IBA.

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Neue deutsche Insolvenzvereinigung Deutschlands e.V.: Spring meeting 15.4.2016

The spring conference was again moderated by Christoph H. Vaagt on the topic of the upcoming changes around the activities of the insolvency administrator.

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Dr. Wolf-Peter Groß was a large group moderator at the NIVD 2015

Information of not-yet or just new partners of law firms about the basics of financing of law firms.

Dr. Wolf-Peter Groß as moderator of the Unternehmenjuristentage 2015

Dr. Wolf-Peter Groß as moderator of the Unternehmenjuristentage 2015 On 28 and 29 September 2015 Euroforum will hold its traditional event for in-house lawyers in Berlin, the Corporate Lawyers' Days. Dr. Wolf Peter Groß has designed and moderated this event together with Katharina Nitsch, who organizes, conceives and moderates the event conception and seminar implementation

Dr. Wolf-Peter Groß is active as moderator for events of all kinds

Dr. Wolf-Peter Groß is active as moderator for events of all kinds At the newly founded Syndikus - Institute of the GGS University Heilbronn, which is to deal with the questions of the legal department in the company, he participated in the definition of the contents of the new course. Dr. Wolf Peter Gross is