Optimize profitability

The profitability of a law firm is not only important in absolute terms, but also relative to the competition. For it not only shows what would be possible, but also why partners or junior staff go to the competition.

Here we have analysed the Fees per Fee Earner of the Top 100 law firms in the german market,based on our strategic group cluster concept, which has a strong impact on profit per partner. Please note the catch-up of the global elite firms versus the leading german firms in the last years which will lead to increased changes at the top of the German market.

In addition, the internal processes of cooperation, decision-making and market development are also important: here it is not a matter of reinventing the wheel, but of doing what a modern law firm must do today in order to advise clients properly and be economically viable.

We help law firms to recognise their place in the market, to compare profitability and to draw the right conclusions. With the help of our unique benchmarking system, we quickly know where any mistakes are being made. Because in conjunction with our key figures from other consultancies, we know the deviation exactly. No one gets to the point faster!

Profit3 Program: Our premium profitability improvement program

Return on invest in law firm consulting

Profit3 Program: Our premium profitability improvement program

We improve the profitability of the law firms we advise; in doing so, we increase the total profit, which is then allocated to them depending on the number of partners. The rates of increase are up to three times the current profit per partner, or at least reaching the profitability of the benchmark law firms, i.e. those with which the law firm competes.

For this purpose, we accompany the law firms in a fixed consulting framework for 3 years, and ensure that they have a competitive organization like the best law firms in the market. Because only working at the top level ensures that the law firm is truly competitive. This requires the partners to be committed to the goal of improvement over the long term, to support and implement the changes, and to be willing to adapt their approaches. This collaborative approach is rewarded:

In the first example, the return on investment on the fee invested was 1,810%. This means an increase from EUR 579,530.37 to EUR 1,574,704.26 for the best paid partner, i.e. from approx. € 0.6 million to € 1.6 million per annum. In the law firms, the increase per partner depends on the number of partners, the larger the partnership, the more the profit is distributed.
The law firms that are eligible for this program are selected by us according to a special procedure. It consists of a series of consulting modules that we have compiled from our more than 20 years of consulting experience.

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