Key figures in law firms: what do the partners need?

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When looking at the key figures that most of the software suppliers of law firms have to offer, it is striking that nothing has been done except beautiful pictures. No wonder that in many law firms partners do not even know that there are any figures and representations at all, they are so irrelevant. The software producers tell you when you approach them: that is not what the law firms want. They do not realize that this is a false conclusion. Because figures are important for law firms, and for the behavior of lawyers, especially when they understand the impact on profits.

In UK and US firms, the reverse is true: there, the key figures seem to be the only relevant thing. Of course, the extrinsic motivation to work only for money must not dominate the intrinsic motivation (which is the case when you only talk about numbers). But the opposite is not true either, and German law firm software manufacturers are not much help in this respect.

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