Consulting for law firms

How to recognize the right consultant

To identify the right law firm advisor, the following questions are useful:

    1. What is the consultant’s understanding of a “successful” law firm? Is this in line with the perception of your partners?
    2. What education, training and experience does the consultant have? What does he focus on and what does he not focus on?
    3. How does he organize the consulting process? How does he/she cooperate? What are the results of the work? Which skills does he/she show and how does he/she deal with different wishes?
    4. How does he/she settle up? What is his understanding of the “value” of his performance?

Pillars of our consulting quality

Good advice requires social, professional and methodological competence. All of our consultants are systemically trained and have a professional background outside of law firm consulting. Their competences complement each other. To ensure quality, we usually work in pairs.

Systemic consulting approach
Our consulting approach is based on a combination of professional competence and a procedural approach, which is primarily concerned with the question of how the law firm itself can provide sustainable answers to the questions raised. As “help for self-help”, our work is therefore characterized above all by reflection, pattern processing and a focus on the possible in a way that cannot be found anywhere else in the market.

Experience in law firm consulting
As the market leader in continental Europe, we have handled the majority of consulting assignments and are now mainly active in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. But we have also been able to put our knowledge of other markets, such as the Anglo-Saxon legal markets (UK, USA), to good use in numerous projects.

Law firm specific solutions
Our experience often flows into the consulting projects as standards. At the same time, it is the art of good consulting to understand the peculiarities of a law firm and its particular situation and to adapt the approach accordingly. The keys to this are listening and asking questions.

Projects with clear goals
We cooperate with the law firms and their partners in project form. These projects have a defined goal, clear framework and an end. Together with our clients, we regularly reflect on whether we still have the goal in mind and are doing the right thing.

Consulting knowledge and methodical competence
We continuously educate ourselves further and conduct research with universities and leading experts in the industry on various topics of consulting activities. We publish articles, book contributions or give lectures on the results.

Appropriateness of the consulting work
Our clients trust us to do the right thing in an appropriate manner. This trust is based on our extensive knowledge of the market and the people working in it. We have virtually no learning curves, base our processes on proven working standards and present our views openly. Our clients always have the choice of which path they want to take.

How we work

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