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Local law firms


What we do for these law firm types

Law firms from € 500,000 to approx. € 2 million turnover are mostly local law firms, sometimes with exceptionally high competence in special fields, but sometimes also very broadly based. The strategic issues are either clear from the outset or have not yet been properly addressed. Accordingly, the challenges are either organizational or economic in nature.

The social partners learn a lot about themselves and the market in which they operate. The central issues are clarified and decided. The economic fundamentals are clarified and differences in the contributions are reflected in order to enable further joint economic activity. Because we are convinced: together each lawyer is stronger than alone.

Our approach is to quickly identify the essential questions of this type of law firm; usually in advance by telephone and short analysis. In a joint discussion with the associates, the most important questions of further development, the economic foundations and the options for further development are then reflected upon. Thus it is usually clear after just one day what the firm can or must do.

Thanks to our benchmarking database, we can quickly obtain the relevant information on the economic situation in order to provide targeted advice. Since the 2-8 associates of this size of law firm can easily be brought into a common communication, the main goal is to build consensus on the central challenges of this type of law firm. These usually lie, on the one hand, in the broad range of services offered and the resulting questions of specialization, cooperation and contributions, and, on the other hand, in the question of further development, investment needs and strategy, which we have already successfully dealt with in many cases.

We can name the following cases from the last 20 years of our law firm consulting, with many examples overlapping; at the core, it is always about culture change:

  • Addressing the divergence of performance and withdrawal in a smaller but very demanding business law firm 5 years after its foundation without loss of internal cooperation culture
  • Conflict resolution among the equity partners of a WP/RA/STB firm regarding the expected contributions of the partners to the firm’s success  

By comparing it with other firms, any firm can find out where it stands in competition... (see also Benchmarking)

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