Below the top 10 auditing companies in Germany (Big 4 plus Next10), there are many regional auditing companies. Their situation is usually characterised by the fact that the auditors work for a few large medium-sized companies. However, the competence in consulting often cannot keep up with the high demands and to guarantee legal and tax consulting on a high level is becoming more and more difficult due to the lack of new blood.

The goal of our consulting services is to establish a regionally dominant auditing company to ensure the viability of the whole. To achieve this, on the one hand the economic structures must be created, on the other hand the central functions must be established in order to better manage the resources. This is also the only way to make these companies attractive for young professionals.

In many audit firms, the challenge is first of all to lay a sufficient basis for the management of a joint law firm. The advantages of size and clout must be understood, but also the willingness to work together rather than in competition with each other must be addressed. This can be achieved with our moderation approach, which from a neutral perspective helps to discuss the essential issues, to reduce fears and to establish rules of play for working together.

Our range of customers

  • Global Player
  • National market leaders
  • Internationalizer
  • Generalists
  • Regionalists
  • Focused
  • Integrated
  • Medium-sized companies

Example of our “Real Time Change” consulting approach

A regional audit firm merged in 2008, but the partners did not manage to agree on a common profit pool, so that the partners continued to work side by side. With the help of our interventions it was possible to fundamentally rethink the internal structures and thus implement a much higher level of specialisation. The clients experience higher performance and the migration to larger companies is contained.

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