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Christoph H. Vaagt

You only pay for what it is worth to you!

Law Firm Change Consultants offers a highly specialized consulting service for law firms (lawyers, patent attorneys, auditors, tax advisors) and legal departments in continental Europe. Due to the specific industry knowledge and the complex situations for which we are engaged, only senior consultants work in the projects assigned to us.

Because we take a holistic view of law firms and legal departments, we are also able to quickly find those areas where major savings or additional profit potential can be realized, which account for a multiple of our fee. Therefore, every consultation with us is an investment with a guaranteed return on investment.

We focus our activities on achieving extraordinary results far beyond the expectations of our clients and charge a fee that is in reasonable proportion to this. However, as there is no standard of comparison due to the uniqueness of our work, we are always prepared to discuss the appropriateness of our fee at the end of a project.

We usually estimate the fee in advance and agree on corridors within which we will operate. We also accept contingency fees, which consist of a discount for non-achievement and a surcharge for achievement of project success. We leave the decision whether the project has been successful or not to the client alone.

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