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We are constantly reviewing literature from the field of law firm management in the German or English language area. We comment on the books in such a way that the practitioner immediately knows which literature is of interest to him.

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Law firm form handbook in the Beck-Verlag

C. Vaagt, W.P. Groß: Formularhandbuch für die RechtsabteilungThe publishing house C.H. Beck is the leading publisher in the field of legal literature. Therefore the publishing house has now taken over the task of supporting law firms also with regard to the entrepreneurial side. For this purpose, it publishes a form manual, which includes the most important elements of law firm management in the form of templates, checklists, etc. Christoph H. Vaagt is the author for questions of law firm management: he describes in the form of templates how law firm management can cover the most important questions of strategic, but also of daily project management.

Literature for the Law Firm Form Handbook

Deutscher Anwaltverein e.V., DAV guidebook for young lawyers, 13th edition 2013

Mauer/Krämer/Becker, office management for legal and business consulting professions, 2nd ed. 2000

Thomas Delong /Anish Nanda, Professional Services: Text & Cases, 2003

Stephen Mayson, Making Sense of Law Firms, 1997

Patrick J. McKenna/David H. Maister, F1RST among equals, 2002

Martin Smith, Setting up and managing a small practice, 1995

David H. Maister, Managing the Professional Service Firm, 1997

Laura Empson, Managing the modern law firm, 2007

Leo Staub/Christine Hehli Hidber, Management of law firms, 2012

Hartung/Römermann, Marketing and Management, Manual for Lawyers, 1999

Leo Staub, Legal Management; Management of law as a management task, 2nd edition, 2005

Peter-Hege Hauptmann/Alexander Deicke, The start as a lawyer made easy, 2008

Nagel/Wimmer, systemic strategy development, 2008

Kerstin Friedrich/Lothar J. Seiwert, The 1×1 of success strategy, 2nd ed. 1998

Bruno Jahn, survival strategies for individual lawyers, 2013

Stephan Kaiser/Max Ringlstetter, Strategic Management of Professional Service Firms, 2011

Ringlstetter/Bürger/Kaiser, Strategies and Management for Professional Service Firms, 2004

Bente R. Lowendahl, Strategic of Professional Service Firms, 3rd ed. 2005

Till Grewe, Professional Service Firms in a globalised world, 2008

Stephen Mayson, Law Firm Strategy, Competitive Advantage and Valuation, 2007

Diana Bartoszyk, The Changing Legal Profession, 2006

Christoph H. Vaagt, Success strategies of commercial law firms, a benchmark study, Verlag Recht und Wirtschaft, Frankfurt/Main, 2011

Jens Poll, Forms of Cooperation: Practice Models and Networks, Volume 2, 2012

Prof. Dr. Andreas Suchanek, Responsibility, Self-Binding and the Function of Guiding Principles, in Professional Ethics of Tax Consultants DWS Publication Series No. 16, 2008

Kai v. Lewinski, Outline of the Law of the Legal Profession, Berlin Writings on Lawyers’ Law, Vol. 1 2006

Kerstin Friedrich, Lothar J. Seiwert, Das 1×1 der Erfolgsstrategie, mvg, 2nd edition, 1998

James D. Cottermann/Altmann Weil, Inc., Compensation Plans for Law Firms, 4th ed. 2004

Kraus/Kunz/Mäder/Nerlich/Peres/Schmid/Senft/Stuber/Weber, law of partnerships, handbook for companies providing legal, tax and economic advice, 2nd ed. 2006

Henssler/Streck, Handbook of Societal Law, 2nd edition 2011

German Lawyers’ Association, TQM – Quality Management in the Law Firm, , 1997

Kurt Nagel, The 6 success factors of the company, 5th ed. 1993

Appelhagen, law firm management, organization and management in the partnership, 2003

Benno Heussen, managing a law firm, 2009

Kapellmann, legal project management, 1997

Borgmann/Haug, Lawyer’s Liability, 3rd ed. 1995

Axmann/Diem, Lawyer strategies for the management of law firms, Volume 8, 2007

Thomas von Dungen, team production in Professonal Service Firms, 2007

Claudia Schieblon, law firm management in practice, 2011

Dieter Ahlert/Heiner Evanschitzky/Josef Hesse, Excellence in Service and Sales, 2002

Matthias Werner, Factors influencing knowledge transfer in knowledge-intensive service companies, 2004

German Lawyers’ Association e.V., TQM – Quality Management in the Law Firm, 1997

Schulz/Klugmann, knowledge management for lawyers, 2005

Friday/Paal/Dolch/Reiniger/Ruby/Kamradt/Werner, Quality in the Law Firm, 1999

Organization of a law firm, in Law Firm Management Handbook, Dr. Herfried Kohl, 1998

Dr. Herfried Kohl Quality management system of the law firm in Dr. Herfried Kohl Law Firm Management Handbook, 1998

Benno, Heussen: “Management Tools for the Law Firm – The Balanced Scorecard”, Switzerland: Anwaltsrevue 5/2005, page 211

Borgmann, Fristenmanagement, in Hartung/Römermann, Marketing and Management, Handbook for Lawyers, 1999

Claudia Schieblon, Marketing for law firms and auditors, 2009

Laurie Young, Marketing the Professional Services Firm, 2005

Laurie Young, The Marketers’ Handbook, 2011

Eva Engelken, Plain text for lawyers, 2010

Armin Heßler, Petra Mosebach, Strategy and Marketing in Web 2.0, 2013

Helmut Becker, Marketing and Advertising in Law Firm Management Handbook, Dr. Herfried Kohl, 1998

Schiefer/Hocke, Marketing for lawyers, 2nd edition 1996, Bonn

Pepels/Steckler, attorney marketing. C.H. Beck publishing house, 2nd edition, 2012

Eva Engelken, Plain text for lawyers: Winning clients – convincing the media, 2010

David Hoeflmayr, Law firm marketing: For the legal and tax practice, 2012

Matthias Kilian, effectiveness of legal advertising measures, 2011

Marketing guide for lawyers from the Bavarian Bar Association, 2012

Schiefer/Hocke, marketing for lawyers,1996

Bavarian Bar Association, Marketing Guide for Lawyers, 5th edition 2012

Cosack, Hamatscheck, Practice Handbook Lawyer Marketing, 2013

Heinrich Rudolf, Procurement of Personnel, in Dr. Herfried Kohl Law Firm Management Handbook, 1998

Scholz, Basic principles of personnel management, Vahlen 2011

Mauer/Krämer/Becker, office management for legal and business consulting professions, 2nd ed. 2000

Ludwig, Weinel, Personnel Management, in Hartung/Römermann, Marketing and Management, Handbook for Lawyers, 1999

Michael Roch, Pricing and Profitability for Law Firms, 2008

Krämer/Mauer/Kilian, Vergütungsvereinbarung und –management, Band 5, 2005

Alan Weiss, Value-Based Fees, How to Charge – and Get – What You’re Worth, 2002

Joseph A. Bailey, David E. Gaulin, Stanley Kolodziejczak, John P. Quinn, Law Firm Accounting and Financial Management, 5th Edition, 2012

Dr. Uta Maria Feser, Controlling als Denk- und Steuerungssystem, in Kanzleimanagementhandbuch, Dr. Herfried Kohl, 1998

Antonia Jansen Trejo, Chanell Eidmüller, Jürgen Belian, Kerstin Eggert, Erfolgreich selbständig als Anwalt, 2013

Mag. Bruno Jahn, Strategieumsetzung in Rechtsanwaltskanzleien, Österr. AnwaltBl. 2009, S. 208 (zu Balanced Scorecards)

Seiter, Mischa; Marquard (M.Sc.), Christopher, Die Balanced Scorecard als Instrument der Strategieumsetzung, in AnwBl 2012, 808-810

Reckenfelderbäumler, Kostenmanagement, in Hartung/Römermann, Marketing und Management, Handbuch für Rechtsanwälte, 1999

Leo Staub, Accounting und Billing, in  Leo Staub/Christine Hehli Hidber, Management von Anwaltskanzleien, 2012

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