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What do partners in a law firm need these days?

Once the market has become a buyer’s market, it is no longer enough to wait for the request to come in. The customer receives many offers for advice, and increasingly decides on the basis of the quality offered to him. And this does not only differentiate itself professionally, but is offered in different ways, by lone fighters or teams, with or without technical and organizational support from the firm. There are many good lawyers, auditors or patent attorneys: but who solves a problem better, faster, more appropriate to his own organization?

We help law firms to position themselves better and to optimize the internal processes of cooperation. In the end, this is always a cultural change, which we can initiate like no other thanks to our systemic methods.

How to make change happen – in Legal Tech!

The central question at Legal Tech is not whether it can potentially improve anything... but whether a specific course of action at the firm tomorrow can be different than it is today. What this means will be discussed at the IBA Law Firm Management Conference in London on November 22nd in Session Topic One, which

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