Actually, nothing has changed in 2020!

Actually, nothing has changed in 2020! We just travelled less, but that was actually not so bad…. Despite Corona, we carried out our law firm consultations, including 4 face-to-face workshops with all partners. And these were our favourite projects:

  • Helped a law firm with 20 partners increase profits by 64% in just 2 years.
  • Helped a law firm owner manage his staff better
  • Helped a law firm’s management team take the partnership on a journey that leads them to better business, higher utilization, and competitive profits
  • Helped a network of law firms improve the internal processes of billing collaboration
  • Coaching of a COO of a patent law firm
  • Help partners of a Tax Consultant firm to take over the management after a snior partner has anounced he is leaving
  • Help law firm struggling to find associates to find a merger partner
  • Advising a partnership in its annual retreat whether to merger or not
  • Help to form a new practise group with partners despite a pure merrit profit sharing agreement in place, which makes everybody a competitor to everybody
  • Advising a practise management software company to build a more competitive software
  • Help improve the governance of a larger tax consultant firm..

And we are looking forward to continue to work with most of our clients also in 2021, as well as new ones who want to succeed in issues of law firm management which had been difficult in the past. We are grateful for the trust invested in us and are confident that we can continue to add value with our consulting services for law firms and other professional service firms. Even if nothing changes…