The consultants of Christoph H. Vaagt are active in the following organizations in order to contribute to the further development of the profession on the one hand and to be able to contribute knowledge from other areas on the other:

Deutscher Anwalt VereinThe German Lawyers’ Association is an association of lawyers which represents the interests of the law firms. As such, it focuses not only on professional ethics, but also on the economic and other framework conditions of the legal profession. In addition to the local associations, the various working groups are important for the professional development of the law and the work of the lawyers in these areas.
Christoph H. Vaagt, member since 1996
Dr. Wolf Peter Gross, Member since 2004

The working group Law Firm Management was founded with the aim of reflecting the economic and organizational issues of the lawyers. Christoph H. Vaagt has been chairman of this working group since 2003 and works out the annual conference program of this working group with the members of the executive committee.
Christoph H. Vaagt, Chairman 2003 to 2012

International Bar AssociationThe IBA is the most important and largest international lawyers’ organisation. It deals with the concerns of the profession worldwide and reflects developments. Christoph H. Vaagt is a member of the IBA and on the committees for Law Firm Management (PPID). There he contributes to the most important debates currently affecting the legal profession, such as hourly rates, forms of organization, the possibility of external capital, etc.
Christoph H. Vaagt, member since 2007

International Association of Young LawyersThe AIJA is the leading organisation of young lawyers (active age limited to 45 years). Christoph H. Vaagt is a member of the Commission of the Future of the Profession and has intervened there several times within the framework of events. Together with the AIJA he also prepared the study on profit distribution systems in 2005.
Christoph H. Vaagt, Member since 2004

Deutsch Britische JuristenvereinigungThe German-British Lawyers’ Association is a German association based in Hamburg, whose members wish to improve cooperation with colleagues from Great Britain and Ireland and thereby foster international understanding.
Dr. Wolf-Peter Gross, Member since 2005

European Law Moot Court SocietyThe ELMC Society was founded by Christoph H. Vaagt with some fellow students as a German association in 1988 to conduct the first moot court in Community law. The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg invited him after the first successful implementation to organize the finals at the Court itself under the chairmanship of EUGH judges. Christoph H. Vaagt is the founder of the organisation, wrote the statutes of the association, the rules of procedure of the Moot and the first case. Today, he is only sporadically present at important dates and birthdays, as the organization is always transferred to the next generation of students through a rolling process.Christoph H. Vaagt, Founder, Member since 1988

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