Frankly speaking: The insolvency of the insolvency administrators

Since 2014, the insolvency administrator scene has had a rather lukewarm market. The few major proceedings are often not followed by insolvency, but rather, already in the self-interest of the management, are reorganized in the self-administration or even earlier. This is a problem for an insolvency administration based on a mixed calculation of large and small proceedings in order to maintain sufficient internal resources of employees, because this mixed calculation no longer works.

Now many administrators from better times still have a cushion of procedures to be settled, which secure liquidity, usually guaranteeing cost coverage for around 3 years. The only thing is that there is no profit in it, the gilded pension scheme no longer exists either, and one has to ask oneself whether insolvency is not even possible if a large final settlement is delayed too much by the court.

These concerns have been rubbing the market for a few years now, and the next market shakeout is imminent.

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