The most frequently asked questions -
and our answers

Can you advise us?

We can only give you the answer to this question when you tell us what your request is. Basically, we are familiar with all topics that are relevant in law firms and legal departments.

What will it cost us?

We settle accounts like lawyers. Mostly based on an offer according to budget, which you determine. If it is unclear how the process is to be carried out sensibly, on an hourly rate.

How can I ensure that all partners support the result?

Not only do we have the knowledge of how to deal with the content of your request, but we also have the experience to design the process in such a way that all parties concerned (e.g. other partners) support the solution. We build the consensus for the solution!

Will you also help us with the implementation?

Analysis and implementation are always separated in classical management consulting and the second part is often left alone. We, on the other hand, design the process in such a way that the implementation is part of the consulting process from the very beginning. How do we achieve this? We simply know how to approach the topics in such a way that implementation is taken into consideration from the very beginning. We don’t do any dry analytical exercises, but rather think about the implementation options available to you and your organisation from the very beginning. In this way, only realistic solutions are included on the shortlist. And they are always those that you and the most important members of the organisation have thought up right from the start.

How sustainable are the solutions?

We approach every question “systemically”, i.e. we ask ourselves how the organisation as a whole can develop meaningfully, taking into account the requirements of the environment, its own possibilities and other framework conditions. And we thus focus on the next “evolutionary step” in the development of your organisation, which is relatively quick to emerge. And so, every solution will be one that anticipates the future, logically opens itself up next in evolutionary terms, and will determine your everyday life long after we have finished.

Can we be of help?

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