Strategy development in law firms

Strategy processes in law firms or auditing companies are often a placeholder for the need for change, which can be fed by different sources: changing client wishes, changing competitive situation, growth, different contributions of the partners, profitability problems, etc. pp…- Whatever the reason why a partnership thinks it has to talk about strategy, it is always faced with the same dilemma: how can the process involve and take everyone along, even if everyone has different views and interests? No partner can steer the process without this caveat: because every other partner quickly feels that it serves him or her alone.

We organize processes to determine the strategic position of law firms and take into account the dynamics of upcoming changes not only outside but also within the partnerships of lawyers and/or auditors. As neutral moderators, we ensure that the partnership as a whole finds valid answers to changes that benefit everyone. We help partnerships to see their situation clearly and to agree on the initial situation. We help to address the difficult issues without understanding why and how.

And: we organize a consensus that all partners support.

What are now the key questions of a strategic process, which we work on with partnerships in this order:

1. We discuss our past processes when dealing with uncertainties of the future.

Guiding question: how have we dealt with future uncertainties of shaping the future so far, and what should such a process look like in order to produce valid results? And: what is the result of our strategic work so far (internal/external view)?

2. We look for an appropriate positioning of the entrepreneurial futureof the firm  in accordance with individual goals of the partners.
Guiding question: which designs of the future can we imagine and which one do we want to choose? And: what is our idea of what difference we want to make compared to competitors?

3. Together we draw up a master plan of the most important needs for change
Key question: what direction should we take and what areas should we prioritise for change? What is the process for this?

We reflect on the organisation of the dovetailing of strategic and operational planning processes at the level of the entire firm, departments or practice groups and partners.
Key question: how do we ensure that the strategic priorities are also taken into account in the operational activities of all departments/partners, etc.?

5. We ensure the establishment of strategic reviews
Key question: how do we ensure that actual developments are regularly examined from an appropriate strategic monitoring perspective and that interventions are made if necessary?

To this end, we provide a suitable process that lasts between 3 and 12 months, depending on the size of the law firm.