As consultants to law firms (lawyers, patent attorneys, auditors, tax consultants), we also regularly answer questions from journalists about general developments, which we do as “insiders” and on the basis of our extensive analyses of individual markets. Of course, we never comment on individual transactions or specific law firms or legal departments.

Switzerland is difficult terrain for foreign law firms

As a long-standing observer of the Swiss law firm market, Christoph H. Vaagt was interviewed on the question of how the market will develop.

Michael Gassmann of “Die Welt” on the subject: Now patent attorneys themselves need inventive talent

Michael Gassmann writes about the future of patent attorneys.

Handelsblatt: Executive seeks wife, by Kevin Knitterscheidt

Christoph H. Vaagt was interviewed by the Handelsblatt on the topic: "Women as partners in law firms". The article was published on 4.12.2017. In doing so, he corrected the often repeated but wrong perception that law firms are "bastions of male dominance". In many law firms below the top 200, there are many female lawyers

Legal Times Online: Fatal consequences of mistakes

Sabine Olscher interviewed Christoph H. Vaagt on the error culture in law firms.

Why do we need a law firm strategy?

Interview with Christoph H. Vaagt in the law firm blog of C. H. Beck Verlag, published on 20.02.2017 In the interview, Christoph H. Vaagt was asked about the central trends in the law firm market, among other things: Quote: "The most important trend in all law firm segments, which has been around for a few

Metrics can tell the tale of a firms’ fate

January 1, 2016: Thorsten Zulauf contributed to this article in the renowned ABA Journal, which examines the reasons for Dewey's insolvency. In his article, Thorsten Zulauf, who was CFO at Linklaters in Germany for many years, points out that the lawyers with the worst journals and largest outstanding accounts were circulated monthly. This helped to

Handelsblatt of 1.6.2015: We want to change the legal market!

Martin Tofern from the Handelsblatt interviewed Christoph H. Vaagt about the chance of the Dentons law firm to change the legal market and to do what all law firms want to do in Germany first: Personnel growth. Ideally with the help of a merger. In the early 2000s, Christoph Vaagt worked as a law firm

16.09.2014 Berliner Zeitung: path and change

Commercial law firms are facing great challenges today. On the one hand, the competition for promising young lawyers is becoming increasingly tougher, while on the other hand, the demands on lawyers are changing. In addition, commercial law firms have to face new competition from consultants and so-called project lawyers. The competition is enormous, since the

This is how media work: A faulty representation suddenly becomes “truth”.

As we reported last year, Christoph H. Vaagt was awarded "Best Lawyer" in the field of insurance law, although he is not active in this field (he revises partnership agreements with regard to governance and profit distribution). The ranking by the American firm "Best Lawyers", which is allegedly based only on assessments by colleagues, has

Die Zeit, November 2013: “Please change your seat” by Alina Fichtner

Mr. Christoph H. Vaagt was interviewed by Alina Fichtner, journalist of "Die Zeit" on the topic of career choice. Here you can find the complete article... Latest News All blog posts Blog Plain language Press review Events InHouse News about us Publications Can we help? Contact us by phone or use our online form {{

July 9, 2013, Legal Tribune Online: Remuneration systems of law firms

Mr. Robert Peres quotes Christoph H. Vaagt as the "doyen" of law firm consultants on questions of remuneration systems. Here you can find the article... Latest News All blog posts Blog Plain language Press review Events InHouse News about us Publications Can we help? Contact us by phone or use our online form {{ vc_btn:

11 June 2013: Handelsblatt Best Lawyers

In cooperation with Best Lawyers, the Handelsblatt has identified the "best lawyers" in Germany. Christoph H. Vaagt is quoted in the article on the subject: "Even for experienced in-house lawyers, it is hardly possible to conclusively assess the competence of a colleague who specializes in another legal field," says Christoph H. Vaagt, lawyer and law

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