Handelsblatt of 1.6.2015: We want to change the legal market!

Pressebeitrag Rechtsmarkt

Martin Tofern from the Handelsblatt interviewed Christoph H. Vaagt about the chance of the Dentons law firm to change the legal market and to do what all law firms want to do in Germany first: Personnel growth. Ideally with the help of a merger.

In the early 2000s, Christoph Vaagt worked as a law firm advisor for the global law firm Hildebrandt International, advising many US and UK mergers that wanted to establish themselves on the German market. He therefore knows the “inside stories”, big plans and actual developments. Furthermore, the author of the benchmark study “Successful Commercial Law Firms”, from which the possibilities (and limitations) of law firm developments can be seen. Read the article in Handelsblatt. But don’t believe in everything it says…

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