Successful strategies of commercial law firms

An investigation of the market for commercial law firms in Germany with regard to market segments, success factors and challenges [Brochure] Publicly available figures were taken into account up to 2008.

Author: Christoph H. Vaagt
Publication date: 26 July 2011

Problems of the strategic management of commercial law firms have not yet been dealt with in the literature, neither in Germany nor internationally. The study by Christoph Vaagt closes this gap. The starting point is the question of how individual law firms have developed in the competition over the past seven years. First of all, the overall market development in the top consultancy segment is examined, then the 50 leading law firms in Germany are assigned to strategic groups and, in a third step, the development specific to each law firm is examined. The database is based on published data (Juve, Legal500, NJL etc.), which have been evaluated since 2002, and on the author’s extensive knowledge of the market. The comments on the individual strategic groups are differentiated, extremely easy to understand and practical.