Study on personnel management in law firms

Studie zum Personalmanagement von Anwaltskanzleien

In cooperation with the European Business School and the University of Eichstätt, Ingolstadt, Christoph H. Vaagt – Law Firm Change Consultants – launched this study, which for the first time in Germany scientifically examines human resource management, the processes / instruments used and their effects. In the course of several consultations, we discovered that there are very different approaches and imaginations on the question of how a trainee lawyer becomes an entrepreneurial partner. Our goal was to investigate these and to offer successful concepts in the consulting process.

Author: Christoph H. Vaagt

Aim of the study:
Law firms need young entrepreneurs. Developing them through their own personnel development is an important concern of many partners. The admission of lateral entrants or even a merger often results in greater cultural efforts, which cannot be achieved. In addition, the way in which a law firm develops young talent is increasingly becoming a distinguishing feature on the recruitment market and thus an indirect competitive advantage. For this reason, the central topic of every personnel development is how to develop the potentials available within the law firm. The aim of the study is to find out which images and ideas exist here, which instruments of personnel development are already being used with what success and which challenges for the future are already seen today.

Focus of the study:
The focus is on the current handling and the imaginary worlds with which personnel management is practiced today and which success factors are important in this context.

In autumn 2005 qualitative information was collected through interviews with partners. The core element is a questionnaire that was sent to 250 law firms in January 2006. Managing Partners, the partners responsible for human resources or the human resources managers or office managers responsible for this area were included. Time: The study began in summer 2005 and from the end of April 2006 the results were sent to the participating law firms and the general findings were presented to the public.

Contact persons and contact:
Mr. Christoph H. Vaagt will be happy to exchange ideas or answer any questions you may have on this topic.

The complete results report “Study on personnel management in law firms in Germany” is available directly from us at a price of 1,800 euros (+ VAT). Please contact us.