Implement changes

Changes in partnerships of attorneys at law and similar professions, such as patent attorneys and auditors, often seem impossible: each partner has a different idea of what they want, each has their own interests, each wants to contribute and have a say in everything. The group dynamics of partnership meetings do the rest to create a feeling of frustration. But there is another way!

We initiate or accompany change processes that arise for economic, organisational or social reasons. Our REAL TIME CHANGE approach, with which we have been accompanying law firms of all sizes for over 20 years, helps to overcome mutual blockages. We work as all-party facilitators, and help to see the whole picture. We understand so much of the law firm market that we can help to distinguish the relevant from the irrelevant. And we are the advocates of the common interest: only that which helps the whole helps everyone.

In this way we change both the culture of cooperation and the decision-making ability of the partnership; and in the end, everyone is better off economically.

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