Moderation of society meetings

Questions that partners often come to us with are the following: I have to prepare for a partners’ meeting, which I’m already dreading!

    1. How can we remain objective in the social meeting?
    2. How can I make sure that my partners don’t talk everything through?
    3. If my partners do not believe me, then who?

We moderate partnerships and other groups with a clear view on necessary changes and agreements by consensus. In doing so, we dissolve blockades and defuse contrasts. After all, partnerships are about deciding the next step in each case in accordance with the interests of all parties involved, but taking into account economic, legal and ethical framework conditions.

We distinguish between

  • Small group moderation up to 18 participants
  • Large group moderation with more than 18 participants (experience up to 200 participants; especially social gatherings, lawyer’s days, mergers between several law firms etc.)

What is special about large groups is the psychological component that occurs in large groups and makes it too difficult to discuss the facts. At the same time, large groups are better able to answer the fundamental questions about identity, culture and structures. We therefore coordinate goals and procedures particularly well with our clients.

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