Handelsblatt: Executive seeks wife, by Kevin Knitterscheidt

Kanzlei-Chefetage sucht Frau

Christoph H. Vaagt was interviewed by the Handelsblatt on the topic: “Women as partners in law firms”.

The article was published on 4.12.2017. In doing so, he corrected the often repeated but wrong perception that law firms are “bastions of male dominance”. In many law firms below the top 200, there are many female lawyers as members of society. Among the commercial law firms, they are found to a lesser extent, simply because the working conditions are not very attractive for women who want to maintain a family and possibly social life in addition to their work. Men are more willing to accept this and subordinate everything to professional success. On the other hand, no one is upset about the dominance of women in positions such as district and regional courts, where they are offered precisely those working conditions, including job security, that suit women.

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