Becksche’s form book for the legal department

Collection of forms for legal departments concerning the management of the entire legal department.

Authors: Christoph H. Vaagt, Wolf-Peter Groß
Year of publication 2017

Wolf Peter Gross and Christoph H. Vaagt are the editors of a completely new work which, at our suggestion, will be published by C. H. Beck Verlag in 2017: the form manual for the legal department. For the first time, a collection of forms will be made available to the legal departments, which concerns the management of the entire legal department. This is important because the demands on the legal departments have increased enormously over the last 10 years and there is a great need for knowledge and procedural models in this area. Dr. Wolf Peter Gross, who has been advising legal departments for 10 years, has been able to attract many outstanding authors in this area.