11 June 2013: Handelsblatt Best Lawyers


In cooperation with Best Lawyers, the Handelsblatt has identified the “best lawyers” in Germany. Christoph H. Vaagt is quoted in the article on the subject:

“Even for experienced in-house lawyers, it is hardly possible to conclusively assess the competence of a colleague who specializes in another legal field,” says Christoph H. Vaagt, lawyer and law firm consultant in Munich. “Recommendations are therefore also of great importance in this segment.”

Christoph H. Vaagt has also been identified as one of the best lawyers himself, namely in insurance law. Although we do not know how the Best Lawyers research team came up with this, as Christoph Vaagt is not active in this area (he only drafts partnership agreements, especially profit distribution clauses and decision-making), we are nevertheless happy for him. We became aware of this through an email from the publisher Handelsblatt Group, who immediately wanted to sell us a service with the words

“Dear Mr. Vaagt,

In the ranking “Germany’s Best Lawyers 2013”, published on June 11, 2013, you were chosen by Handelsblatt and our renowned cooperation partner Best Lawyers as one of Germany’s best lawyers. On behalf of Handelsblatt GmbH, I would like to congratulate you and your law firm Christoph H. Vaagt, Law Firm Change Consultants on this achievement!

Due to your excellent performance you are entitled to receive the adjoining quality seal of Handelsblatt and Best Lawyers. This gives you the opportunity to inform your clients, colleagues and business partners about your excellent professional and consulting competence.

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